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As trusted farm accounting specialists, Figured Certified Advisers have the expertise to help you get the most out of Figured and Xero. If you're in the US, please contact us directly for more info.

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A dedicated Agri Solutions team with knowledge and experience in the agricultural industry. We help committed farmers achieve and maintain financial security. We provide technology implementation, training and support of farm specific financial management tools; farm business planning; farm succession planning; aged care and retirement planning. Although our head office is located in Ballarat Victoria, our specialized team will meet with you on farm to fully understand and appreciate your situation...wherever you may be.

Bronte Gorringe: | 1300 204 781


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Phillipsons’ team of advisers has been servicing rural businesses for over forty years, to optimise taxation, financial, operational and personal performance. We strive to understand your industry and issues to ensure that we can provide the most relevant and meaningful advice. Our dedicated team of rural advisers actively participate in the rural sector. They attend discussion groups and industry forums and work actively with rural bankers, counsellors and other industry stakeholders to get the best outcomes for their clients. So, whether you’re starting out in business, running a mature enterprise that’s looking for further growth or even considering off-farm investment or what happens when you sell the farm, we can give you the support that you need to prosper and enjoy life.

Colin Wright, Robert Del Busso, Abe Schuback: | 03 5144 4566


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Kilara Group offers a wide range of accounting, financial planning and superannuation solutions to clients based all over Australia. We are based in Corowa NSW and Wangaratta Victoria and are using Xero and Figured to service our clients to provide them with real time financial information so clients can be proactive in their decision making. We specialise in agricultural businesses and pride ourselves on keeping up with opportunities for agricultural business so that we can provide our clients with the advice and assistance they need when they need it. The future of accounting and financial advice is changing and we are changing with it. Our association with Figured is allowing us to take our clients to the cloud and take advantage of advising our clients wherever they are and wherever we are. Office locations in Corowa NSW and Wangaratta, VIC.


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At Proadvice, our accounting and management consulting teams specialise in accounting services and business advice for farms and agribusinesses. We’re committed to ‘helping family business grow’ and as part of that commitment we’ve utilised Figured and Xero to deliver our farming and agribusiness clients a real-time view of their finances and to provide valuable insights. We understand your industry, and we have been helping rural farming families for over 15 years. Our accountants and management consultants are very knowledgeable about accounting and financial issues and solutions for the agricultural industry and we’ll tailor our service packages to meet your needs - including accounting, management consulting, training and education.


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Compass Agribusiness manages nine farms between Tasmania and NZ. Between these farms are 5,000 head of beef cattle, 10,000 lambs and 4,500 dairy cows.

We started using Xero and Figured as a combination from July 2016. For us it is critical that we have true visibility into the financial performance of the farms which represents the operational models we adhere to. Accountability to our shareholders can be seen in the reports produced and the confidence that grows from the reports are important to us.

On our managed farms, a Compass consultant meets monthly with the individual farm mangers to discuss variances against budget, the previous month and the year to date. The forecast position going forward is also represented against the annual budget. This discussion naturally revolves around what is required operationally to meet production targets while staying within budget parameters. The information in the reports is up to date and therefore allows for positive discussions to take place.

Utilising Figured has improved our ability to make quick decisions based on actual results and therefore empower our farm managers to be responsive and make decisions with confidence.

For all our clients, the benefits are the same. It is common for farming businesses to engage their taxation accountant who provides historical information but with the Xero and Figured combination the information is current and forward focused. This supports cashflows for the future, and helps to foster a proactive relationship with banking partners.

We encourage all our clients to engage with the Xero and Figured software combination, to gain true transparency into their current position, to assist in operational decisions based on profitability and enable the business to grow based on those benefits identified.


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Would you like a quicker, clearer understanding of your farm business? RSM sees that technology and data can make a difference. When we put together our knowledge of farming, digital expertise and strong client relationships, RSM is able to help farm owners set up the systems correctly and have the right information at their fingertips to make better informed decisions whether it be about the farm or the family. With a long history of servicing farmers for over 95 years, we have an understanding of farming like no other accounting firm and with 29 offices in rural and metropolitan Australia, you are never far from a trusted RSM advisor, some of whom own farms themselves. The people at RSM understand the challenges and opportunities that farmers are presented with and, most importantly, understand that most farms are family-run businesses.