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Figured Product Updates: April 2018

01 May
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New Features

Assets in scenarios - revalue, partially sell, apply proceeds to existing loans, fund new assets automatically

We've added quite a few new additions to the way assets work in our scenarios tool.

You can revalue an asset which will flow through to the balance sheet. If selling an asset, you can choose to apply the proceeds directly to an existing liability. Both of these are done from the main Proposition tab.

If selling shares or land, you can also choose to partially sell these and retain the other part which will update both the balance sheet and cash flow accordingly.

And finally, when adding in a new asset you can choose to add a funding source, which will then automatically populate your new loan data with the information from the asset purchase.

To find out more about updating your scenario propositions, check out the help centre article.

Added multi-farm permissions

If you're on a multi-farm, you can now set permission levels for each user on a farm level which will mean users won't need to see any data unrelated to the farm that they work on.

You can set these permission levels in the same place as before, under Settings > People and you can grant users access to as many farms as needed. Check out the article for more information.

multi farm perms


  • Milk trading statement has been updated to include comparative data for budgets and forecasts so you can check how you’re tracking for the year
  • Added a conversion date for US farms which will allow our US users to set opening values for their livestock
  • Auto-saving in the 12 month cash flow for scenarios
  • Revamped the farm settings page

Bug fixes

  • In some cases a cropping tracker showed seasons twice, we've fixed this on existing farms and the underlying cause too
  • Importing into the planning tab won't send two email confirmations now
  • All sections of the balance sheet when in your planning tab can now collapse and expand as normal
  • The planning tab will no longer prompt you to translate from French
  • We've removed the option to auto-age from any non-livestock trackers


We've started up webinars for 2018, and we'll now be running a session every week for both New Zealand & Australia users so you can get tailored info for your area! You can register for any upcoming webinars here, or you can view the previous ones on our YouTube channel.

If you subscribe to our channel you'll get a video every time we upload a video so you don't have to keep checking back.

Check out our video on completing and of year valuations below.