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Livestock Reforecaster Upgrades

13 Oct
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We've recently released a few new features to the livestock reforecaster, making amendments to the budget and forecast a far quicker and more accurate experience:

  • Auto-Aging
    Opening Livestock can now have aging transactions made at the click of a button. This will automatically shift all stock to the next age stock class. Aging beyond a mixed-age class will still be a manual process, as will farms with specialised aging processes.
  • Opening Balances can show actual stock quantities for each month
    Historically, the reforecaster showed the entire year's forecast movements, from the opening balance date to closing. You can now elect to show actuals to a specified month, enabling you to use see the actual stock numbers at a certain point, and then reforecast ahead with confidence.

For further detail in using the reforecaster, check out our help centre article here.