Latest Product Updates


Livestock Reforecaster Upgrades

13 Oct

We've recently released a few new features to the livestock reforecaster, making amendments to the budget and forecast a far quicker and more accurate experience.

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Scenario Planning Tool now available for all NZ farms

21 Sep

Our scenario planning tool, which provides a multi-year 3-way view (P&L, cashflow and balance sheet) of the farming operation is now available to all New Zealand farms using Financial Farmer.


Figured Panels Now Available in Agrigate

14 Sep

One of the key pillars of the Agrigate platform is financial information, and we are pleased to share that Figured data is now integrated with Agrigate, as the first financial data partner.

Forecast balance sheet (beta)

13 Jun

This feature allows budget movements in assets, liability and equity, and when combined with real-time actuals from Xero, enables a true three-way forecast position.

The Figured-Agworld Integration is now complete

07 Jun

For those customers who are using both Figured and Agworld, this integration provides a powerful link between production plans and financial outcomes. 

Import / Export tool

17 May

This updated layout is more intuitive for import and export actions. With the ability to import the file from one year to the next, without having to change the date, it makes exporting your actuals to the next years budget so much simpler.

Cropping Update

17 May

We've released a cropping-specific production tracker targeted towards requirements for broad-acre cropping operations in Australia and the US. 

Multi-entity reporting now available in Figured

16 May

Our latest release allows advisers to generate consolidated reporting across multiple Xero organisations (for example, if a farm trades as a limited company but also includes a Trust).

Multiple Updates - April

18 Apr

While the Xero API update has been our key focus this month, we've also been working on further UI and functionality updates, including: