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Product update: Cropping enhancements

17 Oct

Create contracts, convert your forecasts to an actuals - and more with our updates to cropping.

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Figured Product Updates: April 2018

01 May

Multi-farm permissions, new milk trading statement, scenarios updates, and more.

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Global settings update: Setting your farm year and financial view

21 Mar

We've recently introduced a new feature on Figured - a global settings ribbon which allows you to set your budget year and financial view (budgets, actuals, forecasts).

Herd Scheme

Herd Scheme now shows the last years allocations

25 Oct

Herd Scheme now shows last years livestock allocations to the scheme so users can easily maintain the valuation records

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Resolve Inconsistent Crop Sales Balances

25 Oct

Keep your crop sales aligned in Figured and Xero with the latest enhancement to the Cropping tracker. There is a now a handy notification on the face of the cropping tracker which alert users to any discrepancies between Figured and Xero for crop sales.


Livestock Reforecaster Upgrades

13 Oct

We've recently released a few new features to the livestock reforecaster, making amendments to the budget and forecast a far quicker and more accurate experience.

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Scenario Planning Tool now available for all NZ farms

21 Sep

Our scenario planning tool, which provides a multi-year 3-way view (P&L, cashflow and balance sheet) of the farming operation is now available to all New Zealand farms using Financial Farmer.

Forecast balance sheet (beta)

13 Jun

This feature allows budget movements in assets, liability and equity, and when combined with real-time actuals from Xero, enables a true three-way forecast position.

The Figured-Agworld Integration is now complete

07 Jun

For those customers who are using both Figured and Agworld, this integration provides a powerful link between production plans and financial outcomes.

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