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Scenario Planning Tool now available for all NZ farms

21 Sep
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Our scenario planning tool, which provides a multi-year 3-way view (P&L, cashflow and balance sheet) of the farming operation is now available to all New Zealand farms* using Financial Farmer.

This feature enables you to do ‘what if’ scenarios to assess different opportunities quickly and see how a farming business may look several years in the future, based on a major financial proposition, variances in commodity prices or key performance figures without having to complete a full cash flow budget.

We see this as a tool that will give accountants and rural bankers financial clarity around both small and large decisions, and therefore facilitate better conversations with clients. For banks, it will give them the ability to rapidly assess the validity of credit applications and push automatically into their credit risk systems.

To get started, login then visit our Getting Started Guides.

* While this tool is currently only available for New Zealand farms, we will be extending this to other countries in the near future (once we have adjusted it to the localised requirements).