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Figured Product Update Webinar

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Get the latest updates on Figured!

It’s been an exciting time at Figured as we’ve released an array of powerful updates to Figured’s Farm Reporter and Farm Manager.

To make sure you’re across the full range of developments and how to get the most out of them, watch our Product Update Webinar.

Whether you’re new to Figured, or a seasoned veteran, we’ll have plenty of updates to share with you so you can get even more out of the Figured’s platform for agri services.

Watch the webinar recording


Figured & QuickBooks Online is Agri Accounting

Figured and Intuit have joined forces to transform agri accounting in the US.

Hear from leaders at Figured and Intuit as we unveil this innovative new partnership and share what it means for agri accountants and their farming clients.


Are you a Figured Certified Advisor?

Great news! We’re all about making our Figured Learning experience as intuitive and effective as possible, so rather than making you retake a course and test, we’ve updated our recertification process to only require you to watch this webinar!

This webinar will have all the new updates and information since you became certified, so it has all you need to know to stay on top of Figured. If you’d like to learn more about the Figured Certification process, click here.

Smart farm financial management starts here

Combining Figured’s agri-financial management tools with the power of cloud accounting solutions gives accountants a fully integrated agri-specific solution. This new solution drives the delivery of all your agribusiness services at scale, from compliance and reporting to high-value services.


Figured Product Update Webinar 

Discover the latest updates on Figured, stay on top of all the features that will supercharge your experience on Figured, and if you're a Figured Certified Advisor you'll get re-certified in the process!