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Celebrate you & your firm with the Figured
Partner Awards!

Quarterly awards designed to celebrate firms and individuals delivering truly great work through their use of Figured in supporting their farming clients’ businesses.

We know you're under immense pressure to deliver outstanding advisory work to a number of clients, so we've made sure submissions are as quick and easy as possible for you!

The Figured Partner Awards

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Top Partner

Awarded to the firm that demonstrates excellency in their use of Figured to plan and grow their clients’ businesses.

Adviser of the Quarter

Awarded to the individual adviser that has gone above and beyond in their use of Figured in their firm.

Rising Star of the Quarter

Awarded to the individual early on in their career that shows promise at becoming a future agri-advisory leader, and has accomplished exceptional work with the use of Figured.

Quarterly Showcase Award

Each quarter we’ll have a unique award shining a light on a specific area of the work. Click to find out what the award is this quarter and enter here.

Submissions for the January-March 2024 awards close on:

17 April 2024

Check out last quarter's winners

From transformative advisory service design, to integrating Figured Insights into core advisory services, to proactive, hands-on support for the local community, read more from the  FY24 Q3 Quarterly Figured Partner Awards.

Find out more from our FAQs

Who can apply?

The Figured Partner Awards are open to any Figured Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Partner firms and their staff. If you are unsure what partner tier your firm belongs to, please ask your Figured Partner Success Manager.

How many applications can my firm and I submit?

For individual awards (e.g. Adviser and Rising Star of the Quarter), an individual can submit one entry per award. However multiple individuals from a single firm may submit entries.

For firm awards, each firm can submit one entry per award.

How long does does a submission take?

We know you're under immense pressure to support your clients, so we want to make the submission process as easy as possible for you. 

Each award entry only asks you to respond to one question, and can take as little as 5 minutes to respond.

When will the winners be announced each quarter?

Winners will be announced within 2 weeks after the submission deadline.

What do winners receive?

Winners of each award will receive a custom trophy with their name, firm name and award details.