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What if your practice could standardize success for your farmer clients, armed with real-time data to inform every-day decisions?

With Figured, you can spend less time gathering information from your clients to complete compliance focused tasks, and more time adding value and building trust by partnering with them to set budgets, plan, forecast and prepare for what's ahead.

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Figured at a glance

Production tracking


Easily track farm production

Track livestock, cropping and feed transactions in Figured and see them appear automatically in Xero.



Clarity on farm financial health

Use Figured to provide forecast cashflow, profit and loss, balance sheet and break evens at any time.

Plan for farm future


Planning for the future

Quickly generate 5-10 year plans that reflect the financial impacts of strategic business decisions.

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Consolidated reporting

Group multi-entity organisations for streamlined reporting.

Standardize success for you and your clients


High value advisory services

Figured empowers a connected approach with your farming clients. You’ll have better, more informed conversations focused on the future of your client’s operation.


Improved efficiency

With all of your client’s stock reconciliation, crop tracking and production forecasting in one place, budgeting is streamlined all in one place -- creating efficiencies for you and your clients.


Growth for your business

Figured consolidates the cash, tax, stock and crop data, meaning you’ll spend less time chasing clients and more time providing valuable services and building trust.


We’ve partnered with the best

Figured works with Xero, the number one online accounting software solution. We also have the support of large ag lenders, who believe in the benefits that a connected team delivers to the industry.