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Webinar 1

End of year trading statements in 3 steps

Hosts: Andy Drinkwater & Scott Campbell

Learning outcomes:
  • Best practice when creating your livestock and milk trading statements
  • Additional reporting that accountants can get out of Farm Reporter
  • We’ll take a look at Figured’s first cut at our new report packs and how we can use these in the future.

Webinar 2

Best practice planning

Hosts: Scott Campbell & Matt McLaughlin

Learning outcomes:
  • How to build out your plan using last year's actuals in your trackers and planning grid
  • Learn to use the distribution curve, OD interest calculator, milk distribution curve and any other new features we have in planning. 
  • Learn about key reports you can run when planning inside of Figured

Webinar 3

Scenario planning

Hosts: Andy Drinkwater & Matt McLaughlin

Learning outcomes:
  • How to build a scenario using your most recently completed year of financial data to quickly build out a status quo scenario.
  • How to copy a status quo scenario and edit a scenario permissions so that the relevant users have access to it. 
  • Tips and tricks to help you build out assumptions efficiently
  • A look at Figured Insights to talk about modeling which will allow you to scenario plan at scale

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