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Improving the business of farming, together

Move your practice beyond processing numbers at year-end to provide trusted advisory services as a valuable part of the farming team. Spend less time gathering information from your clients to complete compliance focused tasks, and more time adding value by helping them set budgets, plan, forecast and prepare for what’s ahead.

You can manage Figured in-house and provide the financial information to your farming clients to make decisions - or you may have clients who want to manage it day-to-day, but have you on hand to help them out.

Streamlined Compliance

Figured provides a connected approach with your farming clients, even if you simply need to manage compliance.

Real-time Reporting

With high quality data from Xero and bank feeds, everybody always has the same numbers in front of them.

High-value Advisory

By connecting the farming team, you’ll have better conversations focused on the future of your clients’ farm.

The future of farm accounting

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One team, one ledger

With all your client’s data in one place, you can collaborate with farmers and their bank using real-time financial information.

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Improved efficiency

Stock reconciliation, crop tracking, production forecasting and budgeting is easier and more efficient.

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Add value

Figured gathers the cash, tax, stock and crop reconciliation, meaning less time spent chasing clients and more time providing high value services.

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Boost your business

Figured will help you grow your customer base by referring website leads to Figured Partners, and provide training, marketing resources and online tools.

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We've partnered with the best

Figured works with Xero, the number one online accounting software solution. We also have the support of large agri-banks who believe in the benefits that a connected team delivers to the industry.

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Your feedback counts

Being an agile product, we continuously work to update and improve functionality - and the feedback you provide helps ensure we’re delivering the best product in the market.

Figured at a glance

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Track farm production

Track livestock, cropping and feed transactions in Figured and see them appear automatically in Xero.

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Rolling forecast

Use Figured to provide forecast cashflow, profit and loss, and balance sheet at any time.

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Benchmark farm data to review performance compared to others in the same area.

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Consolidated reporting

Group multi-entity organisations for streamlined reporting.

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The Figured Partner Program

Practices who want to be recognised as rural accounting experts should consider joining the free Figured Partner Program (currently open to New Zealand and Australian practices). It is designed to:

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Ensure Advisers have the requisite expertise in the Figured product.

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Ensure that Figured is treating Advisers in a consistent manner.

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Provide access to resources commensurate with commitment.

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Acknowledge Advisers who have made a commitment to Figured.

How to qualify

Qualification for the Figured Partner program is through a points-based system. Points are earned through the number of farms supported, number of people certified, running marketing events or having a high level of Figured adoption across the practice.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Total 75 points required Total 200 points required Total 360 points required Total 1100 points required
Minimum 50 license points Minimum 150 license points Minimum 300 license points Minimum 1000 license points
Minimum 10 certification points Minimum 20 certification points Minimum 30 certification points Minimum 40 certification points

Partner Benefits

Benefits Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Featured on Figured website Fourth Third Second First
Use of Figured Certified Adviser Logo [tick] [tick] [tick] [tick]
Use of Figured Bronze/Silver Gold/Platinum Tier Logo [tick] [tick] [tick] [tick]
Access to Figured marketing toolkit [tick] [tick] [tick] [tick]
Personalised Case Study Video done for your practice [tick]
Marketing support for pre-approved events with > 10 attendees $300 per event $500 per event $750 per event
Co-branding (requires pre-approval) $500 $700
Figured Roadmap roundtable meeting ( 6 monthly) [tick] [tick]
Dedicated Customers Success resource for 30 days 
when onboarding 20 farms or more [tick] [tick]
Customer Success reviews 6 monthly 3 monthly 3 monthly
Nominated Customer Success Contact [tick] [tick]

Earning Points

Points Type
License Points
(Subject to accelerators below)
Figured Lite – 1 point
Figured – 5 point
Certification Points Per Certified Person – 10 points
Marketing Points Figured featured on Practice website – 15 points
Figured case study – 15 points
Event to more than 20 new to Figured people – 15 points
License Accelerator
(Based on % of farm accounts within practice using Figured)
Between 50% and 75% – 50% accelerator
Between 75% and 90% – 75% accelerator
Over 90% – 100% accelerator

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