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Additions to the Figured Leadership Team—structured for growth

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Additions to the Figured Leadership Team—structured for growth
By Zainab Al-anbuky, Chief People Officer

We are excited to announce two new positions at Figured, further strengthening the leadership capability of the business: GM of Product Partnerships, appointed to Carl McDonald, and Chief Financial Officer, appointed to Chris Lowe, both commencing January 2020.

As we continue to scale the Figured business and enter the next phase of growth, our focus continues to be on building a capital-efficient business, increasing our recurring revenue growth and establishing Figured as the pre-eminent solution that delivers the most relevant financial insights for farmers and their advisors and lenders.

The leadership team set a number of key company objectives in 2019, including focusing on the need to develop our strategic partnership with other leading ag-tech solutions. This has been part of our product vision—to be integrated with a wide array of on-farm and industry applications.

In conjunction, as we continue to grow both in New Zealand and abroad, and work with more strategic partners, we need to continue to mature our commercial and operational capability to support the company and navigate the various pathways of growth.

GM of Product Partnerships

With Carl’s knowledge as a Figured co-founder, and his significant agri commercial experience, we see significant added value to the business by having Carl working closer to the product. Carl will lead our integration and partnership strategy working alongside market leaders to identify high-value partnerships. He will also manage the product and development activity required to execute on the integration strategy.

“We see this focused approach on building our partnerships in the ecosystem will give Figured a competitive edge, by helping our customers improve the time to value, ease of use and accuracy of information within Figured” - Dave Dodds, Chief Executive Officer, Figured.

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Lowe has a great deal of experience leading and scaling technology companies, most recently at WorldFront where he has been a key member of their executive team, whilst growing their revenue by over 500% from a revenue base similar to Figured's today.

Chris has led many strategic deal processes, including agreements with key channel partners and has also been on teams scaling technology companies such as Navman. His experience with embedded hardware companies has many parallels with where Precision Ag technology is heading, and will clearly be an important factor as we build out a well-integrated and high-value product for farmers and their financial advisors.

"Chris's experience leading commercial strategy will be instrumental in helping us navigate our way through the various growth opportunities in the future." - Dave Dodds, Chief Executive Officer, Figured.

No stranger to farming, having experienced the joys and challenges of growing up on a lifestyle block farming angora goats and sheep, a real highlight moment for him during his young days on the farm was helping to deliver triplet goats in the dark with flashlights and hot water bottles. When not working, Chris enjoys spending time with family and friends, at the beach, hitting the slopes or ruining a good walk on the golf course.

We are very excited about what 2020 has on hold for us with both Carl and Chris taking on these two leadership positions at Figured.