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Leading Partnerships: Gary Brockway, Baldwins

21 Mar

Gary Brockway is a partner based in the Derby office of UK accounting practice, Baldwins. It’s clear he’s a man who has a passion for farming and agricultural businesses - as well as being a key member of the Baldwins Rural team, he is a sitting member of the ICAEW Farming and Rural business community committee.

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Meet the Team: Jessie, Customer Success Specialist

20 Mar

Bread baker, cat photo taker and customer success maker. Jessie Agnew is a Customer Success Specialist at Figured and has been bringing a little bit of her personality to our online helpdesk for coming up two years now.

It helps that Jessie is a digital native. Having grown up on the Internet, Jessie says that has influenced her ability to communicate online with our customers, while still making the experience helpful, human and personal.


The inaugural Xero and Figured Agri Day

15 Mar

What a day! We've just wrapped up the inaugural Xero and Figured Agri Day in Xeros Milton Keynes offices, the day bought together over 60 of the leading agri accounting professionals to share and discuss the future of Farm financial management and agri advisory services. Among many other things, the team has learned there is enormous support for a better way to support agri clients.

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Meet the team: Nick, Customer Success Specialist

07 Mar

He’s the city boy who has embraced the challenge of learning a new industry, and is now bringing his tech and numbers knowledge to Figured farmers around the globe.

Customer Success Specialist, Nick Barraclough, joined the team around a year ago. By now he’ll already be a familiar name to many, helping out with practice enablement, webinars, Intercom queries and account management.

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Meet the Team: Neissa, Customer Success Specialist

01 Mar

If you’ve ever dropped a question or a concern into that conversation box in the corner of your screen, then chances are you’ve seen Neissa’s face appear to talk you through your challenge.

It’s time to find out a little bit more about the people behind the names that are on Figured’s front line, and we’re starting things off with Customer Success Specialist, Neissa Singh.

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New look, fresh feel, same Figured

26 Feb

Over the coming months, you’ll see a range of improvements in Figured which will make planning and managing farm budgets simpler and more powerful, to kick things off we are launching an improved navigation and user interface.

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Figured & Xero Agri Day

26 Feb

On the 14th of March we’re joining forces with Xero UK to host the first Agri Day in Milton Keynes.

In collaboration with the Xero team, we’ve created an agenda packed with high-value, relevant content, specifically tailored to the agri sector.

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What 'Customer Success' means to us at Figured

14 Feb

When we ask our customers what it is that they love about working with Figured, the response we hear so often is that it’s because of the support, guidance and training they receive from our Customer Success (CS) team. And we’re not surprised.

In fact, there’s a reason that our team is called Customer Success - and we thought we’d tell you a little bit more about how taking a fresh approach to customer support has resulted in service that is different to your average ‘support’ team.

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Sisam Farm and FARMit - Innovation through the generations

22 Jan

The Sisam family has farmed this land for over 100 years. And while traditional principles of farming have played a huge part in its continued success throughout the generations, the Sisams’ ability to adapt and innovate is what has guaranteed the farm’s growth and succession.

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