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Introducing the Figured Partner Awards!

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Introducing the Figured Partner Awards!
By Dave McGregor

2023 has been a tremendous year for us at Figured, with new products, new partnerships and opportunities around the world (more to come on this!) and of course none of it is possible without the incredible partners we work with. We’ve produced many fantastic case studies with you and your farmers, and we have conversations every week about how the work you're doing is helping kiwi farmers in a myriad of ways.

What we haven’t done before though, is really recognise and celebrate the amazing work you all do, so we want to do something about that! So from today we’re going to be running Figured Partner Awards, recognising and celebrating the amazing firms and individuals we’re fortunate enough to have as our partners.

Introducing the Figured Partner Awards for
New Zealand!

The Figured Partner Awards is a new program to celebrate firms and individuals delivering truly great work through their use of Figured in supporting their farming clients’ businesses. But don’t rush out and buy a new black tie outfit just yet!

We’re going to be running this online for now, with the awards and goodies presented to the winning individuals and firms directly, every Quarter. And with the work you all do in NZ being genuinely world-class, we’ll be talking about it not just in NZ but with our partners around the world (subject to your permission of course!).

NZ Partner of the Quarter
Awarded to the firm that demonstrates excellency in their use of Figured to plan and grow their clients’ businesses.

Figured Adviser of the Quarter
Awarded to the individual adviser that has gone above and beyond in their use of Figured in their firm.

Figured Rising Star of the Quarter
Awarded to the individual early on in their career that shows promise at becoming a future agri-advisory leader in the firm and has accomplished exceptional work with the use of Figured.

Additionally, each Quarter we’ll have a unique award shining a light on a specific area of the work.


And finally, I just want to add that we all recognise how much time pressure you’re under, so there will be no lengthy application forms or processes, no long stories to write or anything like that. We don’t want celebrating your great work to add to your workload!

Stay tuned for more details on submission instructions and timelines. But in the meantime, have a think about what awards you or someone in your firm will be a strong candidate for!


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