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Halter and Figured Lending collaborate to offer farmers greater financial flexibility

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Halter and Figured Lending collaborate to offer farmers greater financial flexibility
By Figured Lending

New Zealand's leading agritech company, Halter, has partnered with farm financial management software company, Figured, to offer farmers greater financial flexibility. 

Halter’s mission is to enable farmers to run more productive and sustainable farms, through its sophisticated virtual fencing and animal guidance technology.

Figured is a leading farm financial management software that began in New Zealand, working with over 30,000 farming teams across the globe to better manage the profitability of their farming operations.

Halter partnerships manager Steve Crowhurst says the partnership ‘meets the market’ with flexibility.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with Figured Lending at a time when farmers need flexible services that boost production and reduce on-farm costs,” says Crowhurst. 

“Recently we launched new packages to align with different customer needs, and our new lead-in product reflects a 40% reduction in price, which farmers can access via Figured.”

“We know that staying ahead in agriculture means having access to the latest technology - and when farmers have the opportunity to utilise revolutionary tools like Halter, financial pressure shouldn’t hold them back,” says Figured CEO, Dave Dodds.

“That’s why we’re delighted to announce a new agri-lending product for New Zealand farmers. The partnership lets new and existing Halter customers quickly and affordably pay their annual Halter subscription via monthly repayments, rather than an annual lump sum.”

Figured is also launching two other new lending offers in conjunction with Heartland Bank to sit alongside its Dairy Flexi Credit and Halter products. “We’re excited to introduce to the market Asset Finance and Project Finance lending solutions.”

Figured’s new finance options give quick and easy access to funding for new assets or vehicles, as well as project financing for any new or planned on-farm projects. The company aims to support cash-strapped farmers who aspire to make small, yet impactful improvements to bolster their farm's resilience and sustainability. 

To find out more details about these three new offers, visit the Figured Lending website https://lending.figured.com/