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People at Figured: Mitchell Parks - From Dunedin to Denver

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People at Figured: Mitchell Parks - From Dunedin to Denver
By Chris McGeechan

We’ve been talking to Mitch, to find out more about his career switch and growth with us. Originally working towards his qualifications in accounting, Mitch now has a very different role at Figured - which has opened up opportunities he hadn’t expected…

So Mitch, where did your journey with Figured start?

When I first started working after Uni, it was for an accounting firm with a strong agri base in Dunedin, I was in the business advisory team as an accountant. I worked in the agri team and worked on a couple of large clients that used Figured. So my first experience with Figured was using it in a practical, day-to-day, sense.

When did you start thinking of Figured as somewhere to work?

Well, when I moved to Auckland I changed from being in an agri-based team, into a high-wealth-based team. I quickly realised I wasn't enjoying that change. I was really missing Agri - it’s a big part of who I am. After that epiphany, I saw that Figured was located in Auckland.

"I admired Figured and felt I could contribute, leading me to join the team."
I thought was an amazing product, so naturally, I thought, I could work for these guys. I feel like I have something to offer. And I came into the Customer Success (CS) Team.


And what does that role do? 

The Customer Success role is about resolving the day-to-day queries and issues that our users might have. That's accountants, farmers, bankers and any user in between. On top of that, we build training and help centre resources. Yeah, trying to find ways to make it easier for the customer to use Figured. 

"My accounting background was invaluable in understanding user needs."

The reality is that Figured is primarily used by accountants and advisors, and if there's something they're not sure about, it often has something to do with the numbers. For sure, coming from the other side, having been a user of Figured, knowing what numbers to look out for, or what areas to look at, where I'd come across issues in my own experience.

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But you are no longer in the CS team? 

That's right, I was in Customer Success for about 10 months and then had the opportunity to move into the Partner Success (PS) role.

"Transitioning to Partner Success, I engaged directly with key stakeholders."

In Partner Success you are working more directly with a portfolio of key stakeholders at each of our accounting partners/customers. It's a bit like being an account manager for these guys.

You’re the voice of Figured to the customer and the voice of the customer back to Figured. You learn their business inside out so that you can make recommendations, to boost their profits and help farmers make smart decisions.

"Originally, I just aimed to join Figured and learn about the business."

The opportunity to get into Figured with the CS role came up, so I thought that's a good opportunity to apply what I know now and learn more once I'm in. I liked the look of the Partner Success role because I enjoy direct engagement, I love working with our partners and other stakeholders, and I saw PS as a way that I could deliver value to them, but also provide value back to the business.


So, what have you got coming up next?

Well, I’ll be heading to North America in an Account Executive role. So, a much more sales-focused role.

"I’m stoked to be heading to North America, it’s an exciting opportunity."

I’m off to Denver in a couple of months, which is a bit of a change from West Otago. If you'd told me this would happen five years ago, as a relatively fresh graduate with a BCom in accounting, there is no way I’d have believed you.

Amazing! So, Account Executive, would we call that a business development manager in NZ?

Thats correct. So the account exec (BDM) is a more sales-focused role, but in reality, it is taking the key parts of the partner success role and building on that. Because if you don't understand their business, how do you know what to sell them to add value?


So, what's made you successful at Figured?

At Figured, you need to adapt to what either the market needs or business needs are at the time. 

Given that I don't have a sales background the decision to pursue the Account Executive role in Colorado was easy, because, I believe that I've got a team of people behind me who are going to be able to support me to succeed.

So yeah, the more I think about it, a lot of the success I have had at Figured is about the people and the way that you are supported.

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