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Behind the bubble: Get to know the customer success team at Figured

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Behind the bubble: Get to know the customer success team at Figured
By Genevra Scott

Ever wondered who on earth you’re talking to when you pop open the Figured support bubble for help? Wanna get to know a few of our faces before you get to know some product? Bored at work and looking for a momentary distraction? Well good news, you’re not only in the right place, but you’re also about to see some pretty fab people 😏

Welcome to Behind the Bubble, where you can put faces to the names and confirm that you’re not talking to a bot or a very well-trained AI.

First up, we have RedmondRedmond-Coulter-2

Born in Aotearoa’s big smoke, Red was almost immediately whisked away to the bigger smoke (London). After finishing school in the UK, Red followed his heart and his family back to NZ, where he immediately started saving to leave again. Red loves to travel, pursuing his interest in ancient history around the globe.

Red is a fantastic person to have in a general knowledge quiz: as the only team member who knows fun facts about Ephesus (est 138AD) he always knows the answers to the hardest questions. Red would describe himself as an easy-going and simple guy who loves his dog, cat, and UFC. Unfortunately, Redmond’s biggest dream in life is to find grape-flavoured ice cream. Not to judge too much, but YUCK.

Next, we have DaniDanielle-Veasey-2

Dani, voted the team member most likely to have seen the most alligators, comes to Figured (and Aotearoa) from Ocala, Florida. With her comes a Floridian accent, an infinite amount of jokes about the US, and an inherent love of gas station baseball caps. The most American thing about Dani is that her father was a bull rider in the rodeo 🤠.

Dani is the Customer Success ANZ Team Lead, the one we call on when we need help. Dani moved to NZ when she was 18 and never looked back; her favourite places here include all of the South Island and a few, select parts of the north. Dani loves manatees, and is always equipped with fun facts about them, such as ‘Did you know manatees nurse their young from their armpits?’. Dani’s favourite kitchen appliance is her air fryer (great choice IMO), and so far the best thing she has air-fried is bacon, which she highly recommends.

Onwards to Mitchell

Mitchell is our deep south farm boy hailing from Heriot in West Otago, so deep that you can see the top of Stewart Island on a sunny day. You’ll be forgiven for not knowing where that is because none of us do! Mitchell was raised on his family’s dairy farm driving tractors, milking cows, hunting and fishing. With all that hands-on, salt-of-the-earth experience, Mitchell pursued his passion, Accountancy. Mitchell followed his passion to Auckland, soaking up the somewhat warmer but much wetter weather while delving into the numbers.

Outside of work, Mitchell loves to fly and is currently working towards his pilot's licence. Mitchell also restores vintage cars and just this morning bragged about purchasing vintage tires from the 70s on TradeMe for a future project. Mitchell’s favourite tractor is the John Deere 8530; his favourite animal on the farm is Cow Number Seven.

Finally, we have GenevraGenevra-Scott-2

Genevra works part of the time in Auckland and part of the time from the farm in Te Awamutu, balancing the best of both worlds. She is the Head of Customer Success, helping to guide the team, being our champion in any and all decision-making and strategising the heck out of our future. On the farm, Genevra and her family run grazing, sheep and maize cropping while raising their gorgeous retired greyhound Zoro 🐕

Hailing from the mighty Waikato, Genevra grew up on a sheep, beef and deer farm in Te Awamutu. Genevra is especially proud of the pedigree Kune Kune pigs she helped to breed, raise and show at the Waikato A&P Show. After following her musical passions for a while, Genevra decided to return to her one true love: numbers. Before coming on board at Figured, Genevra was a public-practice accountant for over 12 years, farming dairy on the side with her family.

That's all for now, folks!
Hopefully, you’ve had a good time reading about the team/distracting yourself at work. The Figured Customer Success team is always changing, and as Figured grows, so does the team.

Keep your eye out for newbies, new posts and new growth, and if you ever want to pivot to Figured, you can find our careers page here.

Mā te wā


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