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Bringing a fresh tech approach to farming with Fonterra and LIC

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Bringing a fresh tech approach to farming with Fonterra and LIC
By Admin

Two of the industry’s biggest names, Fonterra and Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), have teamed up to develop a new online tool designed to provide farmers with a view of their operation in one place - and it’s powered by Figured.

The platform brings together a farm’s milk production and quality data, herd data, pasture data, local weather forecasts and more into one easy-to-use online portal. It allows farmers to see their individual farm data in one place, allowing them to make faster and more informed decisions about their farming operation.

Currently, still in its pilot phase, the tool is already receiving positive feedback from the trial group of 50 farmers throughout the country.

Waikato farmer Ross Crabb is one of those taking part in the trial and says having all his data in one place - also available on his mobile phone - will be a real advantage.

"The speed of information is key, so one of the best things is that it's all there in one place, on one page, and you can quickly look through to find what you want to know without having to log in to different sites."

Farmers will be able to choose what information they want, and how it is displayed on their screen - a feature that will really appeal to most users. "Every farmer gets up in the morning and they're looking for certain things. Every farmer is different, so to be able to get the information you always look for at your fingertips makes the technology really useful", says Crabb.

What are we excited about?

We’re excited to see large companies collaborating and for the potential blueprint, it establishes for the wider ag community in New Zealand. It's great to see valuable data being shared and utilised in new ways for the benefit of the farmer, and the industry as a whole.

Combining technology with agri expertise

Figured were approached by Fonterra and LIC with the idea of including our data on the platform. We recognised that it was a good opportunity to add the financial data that we had to the production-based data for farmers and collectively decided that by partnering we could provide a great solution.

Recognising the contribution that Figured are already delivering in the agri-tech space, we were asked to provide the development resource for the project, and the platform has been built using much of the same underlying technology that we used to power the Figured farm accounting solution. This greatly reduced the time required to bring the tool to market and provides flexibility for potential options in the future.

As a company that is committed to bringing innovative tech solutions to New Zealand agriculture industry, it is a project that we are very proud to be a part of. We're looking forward to seeing more feedback come through from trial farmers throughout the pilot phase.