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Bringing you a whole new world of cropping

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Bringing you a whole new world of cropping
By Admin

We’re delighted to introduce to you the most powerful solution for managing and tracking production and sales activities for crop farmers.

With our new cropping tracker, farmers now have the most flexible way to track their farm’s crop season production and sales activities. This new experience puts accountants in a powerful advisory position, as they can now understand a crop farm’s financial situation in a simpler, clearer way.

Let’s see how you can make the most out of this new experience.

Flexible & simple

Our new cropping experience requires zero set up, which means no account mapping and no configuration is necessary. This means all users can work seamlessly from this new tool, as it’s fully approachable and simple to understand. Just choose your crop type, pick a name, and away you go. 

We know that not all crop seasons fit in the same box - in fact, they can span multiple years, or run less than a year. With our new crop tracker, you now have the flexibility to configure your season start dates and lengths as you wish, simplifying the planning experience across seasons and financial periods. 

Both Figured-first and Xero-first workflows are supported as first-class experiences, so you can work in one while another user works in the other. Farmers can also configure their farm’s properties, allowing them to record land used, account for owned and rented land or contracted farming, and adjust for seasonal variations. 

Powerful & approachable

The new cropping experience allows for full product tracking, meaning that you can account for production, purchases, consumption and sales of items - both bought and produced by the farm. 

Any transactions that you attribute to the season through the allocation tool or future distributions count towards the gross margin calculation, so the tool can also be used as a generic cost-revenue centre to help your client achieve their personal goals.

And finally, you now have the most state-of-the art tool to give you powerful and approachable reporting that can help you best understand the farm’s financial position, setting you up for a powerful analysis. 

How can I get involved? 

You can try out our new functionality - today. Head into Figured and create a new farm to check out how the crop functionality works. We’d also love to hear your feedback so that we can make sure we’re giving you the best possible financial planning solution - our support team is just a message away.