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Streamline your firm’s valuations workflow with Figured’s new consolidated valuations

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Streamline your firm’s valuations workflow with Figured’s new consolidated valuations
By Admin

We know how important efficiency is for our accountant partners, so we’re thrilled to introduce consolidated valuations in Figured! Consolidated valuations allow you to complete your valuations for all stock of the same type in one go, rather than tracker by tracker.

The ability to consolidate valuations means multi-farm users or those that use multiple trackers of the same stock type can now complete valuations for all those trackers as a single valuation directly in Figured. This will substantially save you time and reduce the complexity of your valuations workflow, streamlining your firm’s compliance work and allowing you to more easily act on opportunities for advisory where clients require management valuations.

Learn how to consolidate valuations in 5 minutes!


Complete NSC calculations directly in Figured

For our users in New Zealand, the ability to create a single consolidated valuation for a stock type means you can complete NSC calculations directly in Figured.

NSC calculations will now use the average purchase prices and other inputs from all stock of the same type, eliminating the need to supplement your NSC calculations on Figured with a workpaper. Similarly, herd scheme commitments will also apply across all stock of the same type.

For more information on how to use consolidated valuations in Figured, check out our adviser tools help articles here.

To hear more about how Figured could help you and your farming clients please get in touch with us here.


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