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DairyNZ & Figured partner to drive improved national farming outcomes

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DairyNZ & Figured partner to drive improved national farming outcomes
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The partnership will link the Figured platform with DairyNZ’s DairyBase to reduce administrative burden and ensure more efficient & accurate data delivery

DairyNZ, the voice of New Zealand farmers, and software-as-a-service farm financial management firm Figured have established a new partnership that will save significant time and effort for both farmers and rural professionals who currently provide data to the service.

The partnership will link data from the Figured platform with DairyNZ’s DairyBase, a nationally significant dairy database that is used to support New Zealand regional and national governments to set farm policy and be used by the dairy industry to make confident and effective management decisions.

It represents a significant step forward for DairyNZ, enhancing its ability to represent the interests of New Zealand dairy farmers with key national policy initiatives such as The Dairy Industry Strategy (Dairy Tomorrow) as well as He Waka Eke Noa, the Primary Sector Climate Action Partnership.

The initial stage of the partnership will allow Dairy farmers who run their business on Figured’s cloud-based financial management platform to be able to give permission for their financial data to be automatically forwarded directly to DairyBase in a first for the industry in New Zealand.

Longer term the partnership also envisages DairyNZ being able to provide deeper, anonymised insights into regional and micro-regional trends that could help farmers benchmark performance against their neighbours and allow more targeted policy making.

What it means for the Dairy sector

John Gibson, General Manager for Figured says: “It has been a pleasure to work with The DairyNZ team on this important project. They share with Figured a common desire to make it easier for dairy farmers to voluntarily share their data for the good of their business and the sector. The partnership is an exciting and solid start down that pathway.”

That is a sentiment echoed by David McCall, DairyNZ’s General Manager for New Systems and Competitiveness, "With Figured we can make DairyBase more accessible to farmers and the people who support them. It moves us toward the goal of farmers providing information once only, and controlling who gets that information.”

Common questions and answers

What do I do from here?
Nothing at this stage. If you currently provide financial data to DairyNZ for use in DairyBase and also manage your farm using Figured, we will continue to keep in contact with you as the development of the automated integration continues. It is likely many of this year’s submissions will follow the existing process.

Can I still participate if I don’t use Figured?
Yes. If you currently provide your financial information to DairyNZ for use in DairyBase you will still be able to do that using the existing process.

How will I submit my data to DairyBase now?
If you manage your farm using Figured we will be developing a process to submit your information once your annual accounts have been finalised. It will literally be as simple as clicking a button on Figured and your data will be submitted.

What if I am on Figured but don’t want to participate?
There will be a permissioning option made available in Figured. If you don't wish to participate in submitting your data to DairyBase you can choose not to participate.

Is there any additional cost for participating?
No. If you use Figured and want to participate in DairyBase by submitting your data there will be no additional cost for doing that.

Will I still get the same value back from DairyBase?
Yes. All the current value you receive from DairyBase will still be available. This partnership with Figured and the digitisation of data across a much wider base of data is expected to create opportunities for DairyNZ to increase its range of data services and ability to support its industry good initiatives on behalf of its members.

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