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Drive your agribusiness with us at Xerocon London

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Drive your agribusiness with us at Xerocon London
By Admin

We can’t wait to join you in exploring the advisory opportunity that’s at your doorstep. We know you care about your clients, and we care about making sure we’re giving you the right tools so that you can best serve your clients through advisory.

What’s so great about Xerocon?

It’s the biggest party of the year for Xero partners of all sizes. The Coachella for accountants. The speakers are world class, Xero always has something new to talk about, and the exhibition hall is littered with excited partners sharing their learnings with one other.

But Xerocon is not just an accounting conference with a stellar line-up. The conference brings the accounting industry together - leading the conversation with thought provoking ideas about where the future of accounting is headed, and how we can adapt to improvements in technology in order to help small business clients thrive.

Playing a bigger part in your client’s business

Being a fintech for agribusiness, we can have those conversations with you at an industry specific level. We’re there to talk about how you can disrupt the status quo when serving your farming clients, to provide them with a much more connected advisory experience. Your skills shouldn’t just be embedded in compliance - your valuable insights and advice could change the way a farming business operates. We’re here to show you how to do just that.

We believe that armed with the best technology, accountants and bookkeepers can ensure that farmers don’t just manage through an uncertain future, they can thrive in it and take opportunities to improve their business.

We’ve been working on ways to make it easier to get started with Figured and setting up the link between your Figured and Xero account. With that in mind, we are excited to announce our newly released Xero & Figured agri-specific resource centre. This platform is packed with case studies, presentation material and thinking on how you can drive your agri-business with Figured and Xero - visit us at our Xerocon stand to find out how to get started.

The most powerful agri-advisory platform

We’ve spent the last year rolling out improvements to Figured, so that we can help you take a bigger role in your client’s business. With the recently released Snapshots and the Rolling Plan, and our scenarios and benchmarking tools, we believe we have the most comprehensive agri-advisory platform to help you play a bigger part in your clients business.

We’re also thrilled to introduce to you the most powerful solution for managing and tracking production and sales activities for your arable clients, at Xerocon. We’ve completely revolutionised our cropping tracker in Figured, meaning that you now have the most flexible way to track your client’s crop season production and sales activities. This new experience gives you the tools for powerful advisory, as you can now understand your arable client’s detailed financial drivers in a simpler, clearer way.

We’ve been hard at work creating a new experience that suits your needs, based on what you’ve told us. From our customer success team who have listened to your valuable feedback, to our product and development teams doing the hard yards to get the product out the door, all of us at Figured are delighted to be able to bring this brand new arable experience to you.

Come along to our stand for a chat and demo of these new features, get the lowdown on what’s to come, as well as a chance to give us your feedback.