The Figured-Agworld Integration is now complete

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By Admin

Last year we announced our partnership and intentions to integrate with leading independent agronomy tool, Agworld. We’re pleased to share that the data integration between Figured and Agworld is complete.

Agworld is a collaborative farming solution that captures on-farm data and improves efficiencies by allowing farmers and agronomists to work together on their business through an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform.

For those customers who are using both Figured and Agworld, this integration provides a powerful link between production plans and financial outcomes. Users can now import Paddock Plans from Agworld into the new Figured cropping tracker to automatically update their P&L, cashflow and balance sheet forecast within Figured.

As well as:

  • Create efficiency by easily importing forecasts for yield, price and direct cost activities from Agworld, to update financials within Figured

  • Easily see the impact of the Agworld plans on the farm business as a whole, ensuring good financial insight

  • Ensure consistency so farmer, agronomist, accountant, banker and farm advisor are all working from the same budget

  • Quickly create a starting point for a budget using your Agworld paddock plan

  • Better work together with your agronomist and accountant on accurate, up-to-date data from the same online system

The integration of Figured and Agworld is an example of how data sharing can change the game for farmers and their advisers, improving farm performance through connecting real-time, accurate information and reducing inefficiencies.

Register your interest for early access to the integration here