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Figured and Agworld announce partnership

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Figured and Agworld announce partnership
By Admin

Figured are pleased to announce we have entered into a partnership with Australian software company, Agworld.

Agworld is a Collaborative Farming Solution that captures on-farm data and improves communication and efficiencies by allowing farmers and agronomists to manage and work together on their business with staff and external service providers through an easy-to-use, cloud-based and mobile platform.

Central to Figured’s value is its ability to connect the farming team - farmers, accountants, bankers and agronomists - around one set of real time and forward looking financial data. It therefore makes sense to align ourselves with software that also provides critical and timely paddock-level data to these stakeholders.

The partnership between Figured and Agworld recognises a shared commitment to lifting the financial literacy of farmers, and consequently improving the overall performance of agribusinesses across Australasia through a strengthened agri financial web. For farmers and agronomists, it also means they are one step closer to accessing an integrated data solution for the management of their farm.

Both companies see automated data sharing and integrations as a core part of their future. While currently much information is siloed within systems, our aim is to make it easy for farmers and their advisers to access real-time data that allows them to make more informed decisions when it comes to the management of their farming business.

“The Figured partnership with Agworld means the cropping farmers’ paddock plan prepared by their agronomist will automatically update their P&L, cash flow and balance sheet forecast within Figured. This will allow the farmer to make more informed real time and forward looking financial decisions. This partnership is an example of two ag-tech companies leading the industry by collaborating to raise the financial literacy of the Australian and Kiwi farmer”, says James Black, Figured General Manager Australia

Simon Foley, Agworld General Manager AU & NZ says, “Technology has the capacity to positively change the way we do business, however integrating the right solutions can change the game through connecting information and creating value for users. Agworld is excited to be part of an agri financial web finding new ways to link real time insights to improving farm performance”.

We're excited to be partnering with another innovative ag-tech company - keep an eye on the Figured blog for coming updates.