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Figured and Vodafone put improved productivity into the hands of Kiwi farmers

08 Jun
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Figured is working with Vodafone NZ to accelerate its support of agribusiness in New Zealand, by helping farmers navigate increasing pressures on profitability and productivity in the agriculture sector.

As the first package under its new Vodafone Rural Connect brand, Vodafone has announced a first-of-its-kind bundle designed specifically for farmers.Vodafone’s new bundle will launch at Fieldays on 10 June and will include Xero & Figured 2.0 as part of the bundle.

Naturally we are delighted to be working with a technology leader such as Vodafone who is continuing to invest in the rural sector. The inclusion of Xero & Figured 2.0 in Vodafone Rural Connect makes it so much easier for farmers and their team to access and use innovative technology to Farm on the Front Foot – improving farm performance, cash flows and profit.