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Figured at Mystery Creek Fieldays 2017 - what's in store?

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Figured at Mystery Creek Fieldays 2017 - what's in store?
By Admin

The biggest event on the New Zealand farming calendar is here next week and we’re looking forward to catching up with many of you there. Mystery Creek Fieldays runs from 14-17 June, and we're excited to once again be on a premier site alongside our key partner, Xero.

The theme for Fieldays this year is ‘leading change’. Leading change is about driving prosperity in New Zealand’s primary sector, and on site this year we’ll be demonstrating how our latest updates and product vision align with the three pillars of this theme - education, innovation and internationalisation.

What’s in store from us this year at Fieldays?

Figured has been built around providing farmers, bankers and rural accountants with access to the same set of real-time financial data. Our belief is that connecting farmers with the advisers who can help them use these insights creates opportunity for conversations that will really drive their business forward.

With this in mind, we’re moving towards bringing the farming team together not just around a specific farm’s financial data, but also benchmarked data that will also facilitate more meaningful conversations with key financial stakeholders about their performance.

So, we are pleased to announce that we will be previewing our new farm financial benchmarking feature on stand this year at Fieldays.

Figured as a ‘next generation’ farm management tool

Figured benchmarking will provide farming teams the ability to view localised real-time benchmarked farm financial data (currently, other existing available benchmarked data is over 12 months old). With the help of their advisor, farmers can track key financial metrics against similar farms, providing them with insights into the performance of different aspects of their business. It will help farming teams understand how their farm is performing in relation to similar farms nearby on the same farming system.

The initial version of benchmarking will give Platinum and Gold Figured Partners (those with the requisite number of farms) the ability to create and run their own benchmarks on their own farm pool. Farmers who work with a practice with access to benchmarking will be able to view benchmarked reports within their reports section.

This is a continuous step in our vision to provide the farming team with a richer insight tool to help lift financial performance of farmers. It will provide the only real time agri financial benchmarking information available for farmers and their farming team. We hope it will further help drive better decision making to lift the financial performance of an industry that is key to the overall success of the NZ economy.

So, make sure you come along, grab a coffee on us from the stand, and catch up with the Figured team - we look forward to seeing you there.