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Figured expanding its presence in the US market

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Figured expanding its presence in the US market
By Admin

As we continue to grow Figured’s network of partners and customers globally, we’re delighted to announce that we will now be transitioning away from working with a distributor of our product to bringing Figured directly to a variety of new customers and partners in the important and vibrant agriculture industry, establishing a pathway for growth in the world's biggest agri economy.  

For the past three years, Figured has worked exclusively alongside Farm Credit Services of America to bring our farm financial management software to the US market under its Magnify brand, with the aim of helping farmers become more financially empowered and achieve their financial goals. As we expand, we are excited to be engaging with leading agri businesses and agri advisors directly across the US. 

Our commitment to US farmers 

Figured is built on the belief that farmers are more prosperous and farms more sustainable when they work in close collaboration with their financial experts and stakeholders. That’s why we’re committed more than ever to working with leading agri advisors and financial institutions in the US, as they look for ways to better serve US farmers. 

This transition is in line with Figured’s approach across our four current markets. In New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom and Ireland, where we work alongside a large variety of accounting partners to establish financial advisory service propositions for their clients. We are excited to extend this approach into the US market, working closely with Xero. As Figured grows globally we are encouraged by the growing demand for better farm financial management by both farmers and advisors - our recent launch in Ireland is testament to this. 

As part of this transition, we are thrilled to be working with accounting firms who have previously worked with Magnify, ensuring a smooth and easy transition to the Figured platform. 

Deepening our global relationship with Xero

As our place in the US market grows, so too does our relationship with Xero. We have been working closely with Xero to support our shared customers in the US, and we are excited to be entering a new phase in which we’ll be working side by side to bring the power of a connected, cloud based agri financial management platform to new partners and customers across the US. 

Tanner Hoffman, General Manager, Industry Verticals (Global) at Xero says, “Agriculture is an important industry for Xero globally. Helping North American Farmers and Ranchers succeed is a key part of our vision and we're happy to partner with innovative technology partners like Figured to make that happen.”

A local team

With our launch into the US market three years ago, Figured established a local team to provide support to our customers and partners. We’ve built this strong team on the ground in Omaha, Nebraska, to ensure all of our customers and partners receive US specific and timely support to any queries with the product.

Ryan Betka is Figured’s VP of Americas, and he is excited to be working alongside more US partners to help farmers become better financial managers. Ryan has extensive experience working in various aspects of the agriculture industry. From being born and raised on a corn and soybean farm in Nebraska, to serving agri clients as an auditor, to working in finance and analytics in the seed industry, this man understands and appreciates farming. 

Rik Weiss is our Senior Project Manager, who has family roots in agri and rural America. He has experience working in various data and project management roles, and has led many people, projects and programmes throughout his career. He’s worked extensively in the agri-lending industry, so has the right skills to ensure our product is built for success in the US market.

Daniela Holloway is our Customer Success Lead, helping partners and customers make the most of the Figured product and ensuring they are using the platform correctly. Daniela grew up in a military family, so she’s lived all over the place - including on a mustard farm. As Customer Success Lead, her product knowledge and ability to confidently communicate with both advisors and farmers will prove invaluable as we on-board more local customers.

Steve Olson is our Partner Success Specialist based in Los Angeles. Steve helps our accounting partners to be successful with Figured and empower them to serve as a trusted advisor to their farming and agriculture clients. Steve has worked in the technology industry for years, and formerly worked as a Senior Account Manager at Xero where he worked exclusively with accountants and bookkeepers to help them be successful with the Xero platform.

Brian Sherman is our Product Manager, responsible for working with partners and users to create product vision through discovery, research and exploration activities. Brian has a strong passion for working with users that he developed while leading various software/product lines across a variety of different industries. No matter where this work has taken Brian, he always ends up back home in Nebraska.

On top of our local team in the US, we also have a global team working around the clock to provide online support available on our website and in-app at all times. Keep an eye out for the friendly Figured customer success team for any queries you may have.

If you have any questions about this announcement, please feel free to reach out to our support team at support@figured.com.