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Figured named as finalist in the New Zealand Innovation Awards 2016

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Figured named as finalist in the New Zealand Innovation Awards 2016
By Admin

Figured are proud to share that we have been named as a finalist in the Innovation in Financial and Professional Services category at the New Zealand Innovation Awards 2016.

The New Zealand Innovation Awards celebrate game-changing innovation in a broad range of industries and businesses from across the country, and it’s an honour to be nominated as a finalist for this year’s awards.Figured brings to life an innovative solution for two of New Zealand’s biggest export industries - agriculture and technology - and has revolutionised the time-consuming task of budgeting by introducing a design-lead concept into the world of farming. People have always thought that doing a budget or plan could only be done in one way - very manual and driven by numbers and spreadsheets - which is not very intuitive to farmers. We have challenged that - and made it user-friendly and intuitive by creating a visual user experience.

Our competitive advantage is our farming team approach, providing a tool for the farmer, banker and accountant to collaborate around. By partnering with Xero and our banking partners, we are bringing the benefits of realtime financial data into meaningful farm language, which is game-changing for the sector.

We are delighted to receive recognition for this strong proposition and the work our team has put in to get here. We’re looking forward to celebrating the depth of Kiwi innovation alongside all the high-calibre finalists, sponsors and business community members at the awards evening in October.