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Figured's agile development helps deliver farm performance platform, Agrigate

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Figured's agile development helps deliver farm performance platform, Agrigate
By Admin

Two of the New Zealand dairy industry’s biggest names, Fonterra and Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), have collaborated to create a new digital farming platform that combines all the key data that farmers need to make faster and smarter decisions using a single dashboard.

The platform was officially launched today, after a pilot with 70 farmers began in August 2016.

Agrigate brings together a farm’s milk production and quality data, herd data, pasture data, local weather forecasts and more. The aim is to make it easier for farmers to make comparisons, see trends, make better farm management decisions and ultimately make the most efficient use of their resources, while also allowing farmers to benchmark their performance with other operations of their scale.

Powered by Figured

As a company that is committed to bringing innovative tech solutions to the New Zealand agriculture industry, it is a project that we are proud to be a part of.

Recognising the innovation that Figured are delivering in the agri-tech space, we were asked to provide the development resource for the project, and the platform has been built using much of the same underlying technology that we use to power the Figured farm accounting solution.

“Working alongside the Agrigate team, we used our experience in agile, fast-paced development, plus our capability in data analytics, benchmarking and big data to turn something that has been a dream for the industry for a decade, into a reality in less than 6 months”, says Figured CTO, Richard Wyke.

“We’ve always advocated that everyone benefits from liberating farmers’ data, so it’s great to see these two huge players take the step to share their data first. The rest of the industry is getting energised by this, and encouraged to not keep their own data siloed”, Richard says.

For us, this project also confirms our commitment to delivering a next generation tool to the industry that goes beyond compliance accounting and focuses on bringing farmers and their advisers around powerful performance data. “Connecting the farmer and their advisers around real-time data, and sharing this data between connected systems, enables our farmers to make better decisions for the profitability of their farm”, explains Richard. “We’re at the starting line with Agrigate now, and excited to see other data providers come onboard.”