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Meet the Team: Neissa, Customer Success Specialist

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Meet the Team: Neissa, Customer Success Specialist
By Admin

If you’ve ever dropped a question or a concern into that conversation box in the corner of your screen, then chances are you’ve seen Neissa’s face appear to talk you through your challenge.

It’s time to find out a little bit more about the people behind the names that are on Figured’s front line, and we’re starting things off with Customer Success Specialist, Neissa Singh.

Neissa joined Figured in May 2016, fresh from completing a Bachelor of AgriCommerce, majoring in Farm Management, at Massey University in Palmerston North. For Neissa, a job at Figured was the perfect opportunity to combine her skills and interests in an industry close to her heart.

Home is where the heart is

Growing up on a farm, Neissa has farming in her blood. She’s most at home in a pair of Red Bands on the back of a tractor on her family’s Hauraki Plains dairy farm. It’s usually where you’ll find her, come Friday evening, as she heads out of Auckland and back to the Waikato where she rolls up her sleeves to help her parents working on the farm.

Not surprisingly, the highlight of her year is Fieldays, the annual agricultural event at Mystery Creek, where she not only gets to connect with Figured customers but also gets to check out all the tractors and cool farm innovations that light her up.

Doing good for farming

Her passion for the industry is a big part of what brought her to Figured. She could see the benefits that Figured could offer farmers and was attracted to the opportunity to support a product that is ‘doing good’ for the industry that she loves.

Neissa is OK with early starts and a bit of mud. She wants to one day own or work on a farm. For now though, as the go-between for our Customer Success Team and the Product/Development teams, she spends her day on Intercom, working through customer queries, troubleshooting and testing the product. She loves the mix of working with customers and contributing to the product that her role provides.

It all comes back to people

With her on-farm insight, she has a unique understanding of what Figured clients are trying to achieve. She knows that at the end of the line, there’s a real business owner with challenges that she can empathise with. It’s this relatable-ness that has seen many Figured customers drop praise and gratitude in that chatbox when they come back with relief at having achieved a better understanding of Figured for their farming operations.

Getting this feedback is what Neissa loves about her role, knowing that she’s helping people and contributing to the success of the farming sector, locally and around the world.