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Meet the team: Nick, Customer Success Specialist

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Meet the team: Nick, Customer Success Specialist
By Admin

He’s the city boy who has embraced the challenge of learning a new industry, and is now bringing his tech and numbers knowledge to Figured farmers around the globe.

Customer Success Specialist, Nick Barraclough, joined the team early in 2018. By now he’ll already be a familiar name to many, helping out with practice enablement, webinars, Intercom queries and account management.

With a degree in accounting and information systems, we knew he’d be the right fit for a team already diverse in talent and background. But while he already had the tech side covered, he’s happy to admit there were initially some knowledge gaps when it came to understanding farm lingo. It was luckily a swift lesson from an accountant who gave Nick a heads up that on the farm, AI doesn’t stand for Artificial Intelligence…

Nick says that around here, every day can vary. That’s because the Customer Success team is set up so that the whole team can help our customers through a range of challenges or requirements, without having to pass them on to someone else. It makes for a better experience for our customers and ensures that we build relationships where we truly understand our clients’ businesses.

“My day might start off by providing feedback to practices on the new accounts we’ve set up for them, or finishing off urgent set ups. Then I might run a webinar, prep that and upload it. Or I might plan for some more education content, answer a few support queries, and then wrap up the day with more enablements and entering comparative data”, Nick explains.

It’s this variation is what gets Nick excited when he gets into the office each day. That, and the fierce rivalry between the CS team and the Agrigate team when it comes to completing the daily Stuff quiz online. Also, iced coffee.

He also says that watching customer engagement grow in our regular webinars is motivating and is proving to further strengthen the CS team’s relationship with clients. “We’re seeing that attendees are finding that direct time with a Figured team member is really improving the way that they use the product”, he says.

So, six months later, what’s his thoughts on working with clients in the farming industry? “As someone who loves to cook - and eat- meeting farmers and seeing how much passion they have for their livestock and produce really helped me gain a new appreciation for the food we get to have on our plates.”

And, if you asked Nick what he thinks the biggest strength is that he brings to the CS team, he’ll say it’s his jokes. His colleagues, though, may not agree with you on that one, Nick.

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