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Meet the team: Scott, Customer Success Team Lead

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Meet the team: Scott, Customer Success Team Lead
By Admin

Scotty is somewhat of a Figured veteran. Having been here for four years, he’s one of the OG start-up crew. So we asked him: what’s the biggest lesson he’s learnt over that time? His answer: success is a lot of little things, done well!

“The landscape in which we work, regardless of industry, has one constant: change! That’s why micro actions of the individuals in any business are important. It is the small things that they execute day to day, and the judgement calls they make, that take the collective group from one level of success to another,” Scott says.

So what are the ways that Scotty contributes in the day to day? For him, no two days are ever really the same. Helping clients find success using Figured consistently is the crux is what Scotty’s role is about, and a key part of this is making sure that the whole Customer Success (CS) team is supported in delivering value to our clients.

“This is made up of a mix of things from consulting with firms around what they should be doing to get value out of Figured, account management tasks around making sure their journey on Figured is great at every touch point, testing new features to make sure that they are ready before going live, running client events, communicating with the product team to help make user feedback a reality in the app when possible and just being a good advocate for better financial management in farming whenever I can,” explains Scotty.

If you’re an accountant who is new to Figured, Scott is likely one of the first people that you meet or chat with to get started. It helps that Scott has a background in accounting himself, as well as some behind-the-scenes farming insight.

“I studied accounting, marketing and commercial law. In my last year of uni in Wellington, I worked under a systems accountant who advised me to work for an accounting software company as she felt that was were the future of our industry was moving - she was right.

“I then made a move to Auckland to work for BankLink and MYOB which kicked my career and love for Fintech. I’ve always been big on wealth management and how technology can improve people's lives. These things coupled with me coming from a family that did poultry farming attracted me to working with a forward thinking company like Figured that was looking to help a sector that cared deeply about.”

For two generations, Scott’s family has owned a large poultry operation, so he grew up with plenty of chat around the dinner table about planning, budgeting and forecasting. “My dad and I love to compare how things were done before to how Figured is doing things these days with the shift to everything being cloud-based and ideas around big data.”

As a father himself, family remains a big focus for Scotty. Camping trips and beach visits are always on the weekend agenda, as well as taking care of his impressive vege garden which complements his love for food and cooking.