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Multiple product updates

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Multiple product updates
By Admin

Our latest (and so far, largest) release included several key updates:

  • Performance improvements - These changes which are mostly under the hood have made Figured faster, particularly when it comes to reporting. If you’re a multi-farm client you should notice the difference! It has also placed us in a position to deliver a host of new enhancements to make managing your farm easier, so watch this space.

  • Organisation weights - Advisers can now build out default livestock weights, dress out ratios and stock units which users can apply in their farms. If you are an adviser, click here to find out how. This makes it easy for you to have weights that you can use to override Figured’s default weights or a farm’s custom weights.

  • Custom weights - Each farm has the ability for users to customise their live weights, dress out ratios and stock units for each tracker type under “Tracker Settings”.

  • Figured bank account - Reducing a category of errors where farms don’t have a bank account in Xero - we now create a dummy Figured bank account, which will be used for budgeting & forecasts where the organisation doesn’t have a default bank configured.

  • New farm creation process - Collection of metadata during farm creation.

  • UI updates, bug fixes

  • Improvements to production-related reports - We've made livestock weights customisable at both the organisation and farm level - the end result is that you can tune your weight settings and more accurately measure overall production on your farm(s).

If you have any questions regarding any of these changes, get in touch with us via the green bubble at the bottom of your screen.