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New Cropping Tracker functionality released

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New Cropping Tracker functionality released
By Admin

We were excited to announce at Xerocon South 2016 the introduction of a new type of cropping functionality in Figured which is designed to provide cropping operations with more detailed production related financial information.

The primary feature of this new cropping functionality is that it will allow division of direct costs related to the production to be tracked on a per crop type basis. This is done by using a Xero tracking category to define a cost centre for the operation, then tracking options with the category to break down costs by crop type. Data from your Agworld paddock plans will auto-populate Figured cropping budgets, so you can see the financial impact within Figured of yield and commodity price variances configured in Agworld.

All this means you’ll be able to get fast, accurate gross margin figures on a crop type basis.

A cropping dashboard gives a great snapshot of a season’s movements and on-hand quantities. The season detail view provides all the relevant indicators as to a crop’s financial performance for a season.

Integration with Figured’s scenario tool means the ability to run lightning fast scenarios based on key cropping KPIs, like yield and price variances, from an existing financial position, to understand the real financial bottom line impact of business decisions.

We know that many of our Australia-based customers in particular will be excited to welcome the addition of this functionality. If you have any questions about this feature, get in touch with us via the green bubble in the corner of your screen.