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NZ Figured farmers feature on Rural Exchange in March

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NZ Figured farmers feature on Rural Exchange in March
By Mark Norman

REX's Hamish McKay and Richard Loe caught up with two local dairy farmers about the technology and innovation happening in NZ's agriculture sector

Hamish McKay and Richard Loe from Magic Talk Radio's Rural Exchange speak with dairy farmers and Figured users, John Whittington and Matt Barr, to discuss the challenges their farm faces, how they tackle them head-on them with innovative technology, and the importance of working closely with trusted advisors to get a clearer picture of their farm finances and make better business decisions.

John Whittington - Dairy farmer, Hwitan Tune Holdings

“With real-time reporting [in Figured], any changes that we make go straight away into the budget - an increase or decrease in payout, increase in cost, things like that can come up straight away so you’re able to forecast where you are for taxation and see where your cashflows are.”

Hear from Taranaki dairy farmer, John Whittington, as he shares his experience of using Figured to gain clarity and control over his farm finances.

John is a great example of a kiwi farmer using the latest technology, combined with great support from adviser Ryan Stockman at BDO Taranaki to get a clearer picture of his farming business and make better decisions for the future.



Matt Barr - Dairy Farmer, Te Tiringa Farms

“Figured’s been a great tool to use especially for setting up budgets, forecasting your cash flow and just having the confidence for that ‘why’ behind what you’re doing."

Matt Barr and his wife Genna run a 400 cow dairy farm in the Bay of Plenty and were awarded sharefarmer of the year for the region in 2019.

Hear how they’ve built a successful farming operation by combining using easy to use software from Figured with expert advice from their accountant, Katie Trust at FARMit, to stay close to their budget, test out financials and build financial resilience on the farm.

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