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Understanding the ag data ecosystem [webinar recording]

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Understanding the ag data ecosystem [webinar recording]
By Admin

At Xerocon 2016 in Brisbane we announced new partnerships with on-farm data management tools, AgriWebb and Agworld. For us, these partnerships recognise a shared commitment to lifting the financial literacy of farmers through a strengthened ag-data ecosystem.

Central to Figured’s value is its ability to connect the farming team - farmers, accountants, bankers and farm performance advisors - around one set of data. It therefore makes sense to align ourselves with other best-of-breed software providers who can provide timely on-farm data to integrate with Figured.

Who is Agworld?

Agworld is a collaborative farming solution that captures on-farm data and improves communication and efficiencies by allowing farmers and agronomists to manage and work together on their business with staff and external service providers through an easy-to-use, cloud-based and mobile platform.

Who is AgriWebb?

AgriWebb’s simple and easy-to-use software is helping livestock producers to manage their enterprise in a smarter, more efficient way. The AgriWebb NoteBook is a farm management and record-keeping app linked to a web-based portal for instant reporting, analytics and budgeting wherever the user may be.

What do these partnerships mean for Australian agribusiness?

For accountants, understanding the benefits of this connected data solution is critical to your role as a trusted advisor - so what does the ag data ecosystem mean for you and your farming clients?

We hosted a panel discussion with Figured GM Australia, James Black, Agworld GM, Simon Foley, and AgriWebb Co-Founder Kevin Baum to talk more about the concept of the ag data ecosystem in Australia.

Access a free recording of our recent webinar ‘Understanding the Ag Data Ecosystem’ to find out more about:

  • How a collaborative data solution makes farm management more efficient and profitable
  • What the ag data ecosystem means for you as an advisor
  • The opportunities that data sharing presents for Australian agribusiness
  • Why you should be recommending best-practice tools for your farming clients

Register for access to the webinar recording here.