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See what sets Figured apart from Farm Focus

Choosing the right farm financial management platform is foundational to the success of your accounting business.

Discover why Figured is the #1 choice for NZ’s top agri-accounting firms.



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Used by almost every agri-accounting firm in New Zealand, chances are your accountant may already use Figured on your behalf.

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Why Figured over Farm Focus?

Because there’s more to farm accounting than just end-of year-compliance.

Focusing purely on your client’s compliance needs means you’re missing out on the advisory opportunities that exist to drive growth for your business. And crucially, your farmers are missing out on the benefit your expertise brings to help improve the financial performance of their farm.

Figured is the only financial management platform for farming in NZ that integrates directly with your cloud accounting software, whether that’s Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks. This gives you, the agri-accounting specialist, and your farming clients, the full picture across cash flow, profit and loss and the strength of your balance sheet.

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Backed by more than 350 agri-accounting firms across the country, more farms run on Figured than any other farm finance solution

3 reasons accountants prefer using Figured

See the top reasons agri-specialist accounting firms prefer using Figured over Farm Focus.

Get the full picture

Unlike Farm Focus, Figured integrates directly with your cloud accounting software on a single connected ledger, sharing your preferred chart of accounts and bringing together financial and farm production data for a complete view of the farm’s financial performance.

You’ll eliminate double-handing, reduce manual data entry, and create efficiencies across your accounting firm.

Plan for farm future

Build better client relationships

Figured puts you at the heart of the relationship with your farming clients, unlike Farm Focus which is designed for the farmer, with the accountant as an optional add-on.

Figured provides you with the data and insights you need to move from low-value transactional work, that is increasingly being undermined by automation, to high-value advisory services that drive real growth for your firm and your farming clients.

A single platform for all your

Figured provides everything you need to control and lead the delivery of agri services to your farming clients; from consistent data to improved workflow efficiency to benchmarking, and lending solutions.

Figured allows you to deliver proactive, replicable agri services offerings with ease, enabling you to optimise your revenue streams at scale.


Drive efficiency, value and growth with Figured

Improve efficiency

Streamline manual and time-consuming farm accounting tasks and unlock efficiencies across your practice.

High-value services

With greater insights you’ll have more informed client conversations focused on the future of their business.

Business growth

Optimise your accounting workflows to grow beyond compliance and drive agri services revenue growth.

Reduce the year-end bottleneck by recording in-season production data.

Easily report on true cost breakeven at an operational level.

Model the financial impact of economic changes or strategic business decisions.

Connect the entire farming team with up-to-date numbers that support better planning and decision making.

Track income, expenses, and balance sheet to get a comprehensive view of your client’s financial position.

Simplify management reporting with customisable and automated report packs.

NZ’s top accounting firms choose Figured to deliver
better agri services

“Figured allows us to step into the advisory role because we get the compliance stuff done so efficiently - it's magic.”

“When we were looking at products in Figured’s space, they stood head and shoulders above alternatives – they still do,”

“It’s flexibility is great compared to the other tools… when we give people a demo of their options they can immediately see that Figured is the winner.”

Make the right choice.
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Figured is enabling accounting firms with agricultural clients to streamline farm accounting tasks, optimise their compliance workflows, and efficiently deliver high-value agri services at scale.

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