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How to: Scaling Ag CAS with Figured & QuickBooks Online

See a demonstration of how Figured & QuickBooks Online can enhance agribusiness reporting and scale CAS.

Shifting your ag clients from compliance to CAS has the potential to unlock a 300% revenue growth opportunity, but the complex and highly specialized nature of ag accounting makes it difficult.
So how do you actually do it at scale?

Whether you’re looking to increase the depth and value of existing advisory relationships or want to establish baseline CAS, we demonstrate how to deliver highly personalized advisory services at scale for your agriculture clients with Figured and QuickBooks Online.

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Leading the conversation

Figured and QuickBooks Online combine to support all your agribusiness workflows at scale, from reporting to advanced advisory.
See how to solve some of the most unique and complex accounting tasks for agriculture, using Figured and QuickBooks Online.


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James Higgie
Director of Growth, US/CA


Timothy Mangini
Strategic Partnership Manager

Smart farm financial management starts here

Agricultural accounting is unique and complex and requires specialist financial tools.

Figured & QuickBooks Online now provides accountants with ag-specific financial management tools to enhance reporting and scale CAS from the cloud.

Leading accountants trust Figured to enhance reporting & scale CAS

Being able to take advantage of technology and data is the best way that farmers can be progressive. Now this isn’t just a dream, it’s a reality. We have to use tools such as Figured.

With Figured, I'm able to work with our customers and show them in real-time what their year-end is going to be, which saves a tremendous amount of time.

It [Figured] means really good budgeting, planning, cash flow and break-even analysis, great reports including comparing actuals to variances. We get great insights and some light-bulb moments.


How to Scale Ag CAS with Figured & QuickBooks Online

Whether you’re looking to establish CAS, or build on the advisory services you already provide to agriculture clients, see practical steps on how you can achieve this at scale with Figured and QuickBooks Online.