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Figured and Dickinson & Clark join forces to drive agricultural business forward in Iowa

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Figured and Dickinson & Clark join forces to drive agricultural business forward in Iowa
By Alexandra Henley, Partner Success Manager

There’s never been a better time for U.S. farmers to invest in the right tech tools to improve farm performance. As Jon Doggett, CEO of the National Corn Growers Association said at a recent webinar focusing on innovation in ag data, “Early adopters of data use learned they can improve productivity and the bottom line. Because the farm economy has improved as commodity prices have risen, farmers should consider investments that allow them to better use ag data.”*

We couldn’t agree more. At Figured, we understand the key to a successful agri-business relies on the collaborative effort of the greater farming team to turn data into an actionable plan. Our farm financial management software is designed to make this process faster and easier. With Figured, farmers and their trusted advisors work closely together towards a singular goal - to drive profitability and growth of the farm. 

This is why we are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Dickinson & Clark CPAs, PC, an agricultural tax, accounting and advisory firm in the Midwest, to help deliver more efficient financial management solutions for U.S. Farmers.

“Good financial plans are the backbone of successful farming businesses. Succession planning, expansion, diversification or just managing through the volatility of commodity prices can all be planned for in Figured.

Figured puts farmers and their advisors on the same page, with a user-friendly planning grid that can be worked on from anywhere with an internet connection, so farming teams can work together to build their vision for the future.” Jeremiah R. Woltemath (J. R.), CPA, partner at Dickinson & Clark. 

The partnership with Dickinson & Clark is an exciting opportunity to work with an innovative firm with an aligned vision. We share a commitment to elevate farm financial management among farmers and improve the financial sustainability of the industry. We’re proud to provide the technology to help make that happen and are excited to be working with the Dickinson & Clark team as they launch their new services, powered by Figured. 

*For more on Jon Dogget’s views see Harnessing the Power of Ag Data Article from Progressive Farmer

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