Driving the business of farming

Figured is a complete livestock, dairy and crop budgeting, production tracking,
and forecasting tool that gives you accurate data in
one place, in real time.

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A better way to work with trusted advisors.

Figured is the only farm accounting software that allows the whole farming team to collaborate around the same data, in real-time, from wherever they are working

A clearer picture of farm performance.

Production & Inventory Tracking


Easily track crop, livestock, milk production and movements as well as your operating expenses.

Budgeting & Planning

& Planning

Improved accounting efficiency means you’ll spend time planning and looking forward, rather than collecting historical data.

Break-evens and Field Profitability

Break-evens and Field Profitability

No more complicated spreadsheets. Easily calculate break-evens and field profitability

Powerful Reporting at a Glance

Powerful Reporting
at a Glance

Dollars per bushel, per cwt milk solids and per pound of livestock are built into Figured and are available in a click.

Multi-farm Management


Manage forecasts and budgets and produce reports for a non-production subsidiary in a multi-farm business.

Works Hand-in-Hand with Xero

Works Hand-in-Hand
with Xero

First cloud farm planning system integrated with your financial records