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Where Agri Meets Tech

Whether you’re dreaming of developing the latest saas products in a fully agile environment, or you’re looking for a place that offers career progression, autonomy and an opportunity to make a difference – you’ll find it at Figured.


Who are we?

Our culture is second to none; we have people from all walks of life – from young farmers wanting to give back to the industry in a new way, to gadget junkies that geek-out about the latest tech and love the start-up challenge. We love building cool tech, working with like-minded individuals and bringing this vision to life.

We’re pumped about our great partnerships with Xero, ASB, BNZ and progressive accounting practices across NZ and Australia. And as winners of the Xero Emerging Partner of the Year (2015) and winner of the NZ Hi-Tech Start Up of the Year Awards 2016, it seems that others think we’re alright too.

Make an impact

Make an impact

At Figured, you’ll be a part of a team that is improving business for one of the most substantial industries in New Zealand, Australia and the US. We are committed to changing the way the rural sector works together, collaboratively creating a more profitable future for our farmers.

It is a strong, promising and rewarding sector to be in – and we’re excited to be doing our part in bringing change to the industry.

Life at Figured

Life at Figured

We rock a flexible, social and fun work environment where celebrating success and rewarding performance is a part of every day, where challenging ideas is encouraged, where staff are empowered to drive their career progression, and where an excuse for cake is always welcomed.

We have the latest tech to help you do your job, and our modern office space encourages collaboration and open discussion in a work-hard-play-hard environment. You can leave the suit at home, as long as you bring the good banter, a sense of humour and a drive to get results.


DevLife at Figured

Working at Figured means working with a bunch of talented developers, building an amazing product in a fast-paced supportive environment where you’d do meaningful work. Find out more and check out our tech stack below.

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Values and Behaviors

Unlike traditional organizations where decisions are made at the top and communicated and managed down a formal process, Figured operate on a more entrepreneurial model. Those big goals and objectives are part of our strategy and are there and understood by everyone. It’s the day to day actions and hundreds of decisions made by every single person that are the most critical in shaping our business.

Whether it’s putting in the effort and thought into your tone of voice, or choosing to answer an Intercom ticket at 8 pm because you give a damn about supporting our customers, or its pushing yourself to develop great considered code, these are all the little things that make Figured a success.

It’s no surprise then the importance of our values. They aren’t slogans we put up on the wall, they serve as our behavioural compass guiding how we act and make those hundreds of decisions daily.

Give a damn

Give a damn

Giving a damn is the heartbeat of Figured - it is one of our original values that has survived the test of time. It doesn’t just speak to giving a damn about our work and the Figured business, but also giving a damn about our colleagues (Figgies), our customers, partners, product, our shareholder’s money, and of course ourselves.

Be really really curious

Work in the open

We value transparency, collaboration, and fostering the skills of the wider team. We do our best work when we share early and often, harnessing the diversity in thinking around the business. We are big on chasing momentum, providing impact and learning fast.

Make bold decisions

Make bold decisions

We stick our necks out and keep things moving. Decisions are our key to ensuring that we continue to execute and move forward at pace. Whether it’s the big decisions that fundamentally shift the way we work or the 100’s of micro-decisions that we make on a day-to-day basis that shape our business and help us scale.

Take ownership

Take ownership

“This is not in my job description” is not part of our vocabulary. We feel a substantial, personal stake in the company’s performance and are happiest when we are owning and driving these outcomes.

Don’t be a dick

Don’t be a dick

We leave our egos at the door at Figured. We’re respectful, kind and thoughtful to our workmates, working environment, customers, partners and our brand. We approach conflict in a constructive manner and are open to differing views and outlooks.

Your best work starts here

Check out the opportunities we have on offer at Figured and apply today.

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