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Figured at Xerocon London 2018 - a closer look at Figured’s features

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Figured at Xerocon London 2018 - a closer look at Figured’s features
By Admin

With changes impacting the agricultural sector, there’s never been more need to provide farmers with a tool that can allow them to face the future with a clear understanding of their financial performance.

That’s the message that you’ll hear from us when you stop by the Figured stand at Xerocon London this year.

In particular, there are several key features in Figured that we know will give you and your clients access to data that can truly help them understand and drive productivity and profit.

Here are three key areas of focus for our UK product development

BCMS Integration

The first release of the integration between Figured and BCMS will have a read-only Cattle on Holding report directly from CTS Online flowing into Figured. This will allow advisors access to up-to-date information about the current cattle on the farm, allowing them to deduce movements, where they’d otherwise have to go through the process of getting this data from farmers manually.

Integration with BCMS is a priority for us, so to deliver this value faster, we’ve split the integration into two releases. The next phase will involve deducing these stock movements and creating them automatically in Figured.

Arable functionality

With dairy and livestock functionality already live, we’ve been working closely with our partners, testing and refining the requirements and functionality to ensure that our arable customers have a product that provides them with a better understanding of the financial impact of actual operational events and planned decisions.

We’ll soon be opening this up to additional beta partners, so if it’s something that is going to be of value for your customers, ask us for a walk-through of the features when you see us on site at Xerocon.


Next on the horizon for UK customers is the ability to bring the farming team together not just around a specific farm’s financial data, but also benchmarked data. This gives farmers and their advisers data that is refined beyond industry-wide benchmarks, so they can actually compare their performance against farms in their own area. It helps farming teams understand how their farm is performing in relation to those nearby, how well it is being managed and, when combined with external data sources, how sustainably it is run.

You can find out more about these features, and get a product demo from us at Xerocon London. Come by the Figured stand to learn more.