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Meet the Team: Jessie, Customer Success Specialist

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Meet the Team: Jessie, Customer Success Specialist
By Admin

Bread baker, cat photo taker and successful customer maker. Jessie Agnew is a Customer Success Specialist at Figured and has been bringing a little bit of her personality to our online helpdesk for coming up two years now.

It helps that Jessie is a digital native. Having grown up on the Internet, Jessie says that has influenced her ability to communicate online with our customers, while still making the experience helpful, human and personal. As well as answering customer queries through our live in-app chat, Intercom, she also writes help centre documentation and helps to run Figured training webinars, conversions and bug testing, while also squeezing in the Stuff daily quiz with the rest of the CS team.

A customer experience to be proud of

Like most of us, Jessie has had her share of average or even negative experiences when trying to get some help or learn something new. Jessie is determined to ensure that’s not the case for Figured users. She says that as opposed to the older, more reactive model for support, she was drawn to the idea of proactively supporting customers to help them succeed. She feels that this way, she can really make a difference.

And for her, that’s what it’s all about. “I compare our customers last year and the issues they had versus this year when we’ve worked to implement all new help centre material, new training material, new webinars, better Intercom responses and it’s like night and day. It’s pretty cool to know you’re making a difference - especially when we have a pretty big responsibility to our users to help them make the most out of their financial software to benefit their farms.”

But it’s not just a one way street

You might not know it now, but Jessie came to Figured with little knowledge about farming. With help from Figured users, she’s now got her head around R1s vs R2s, and has found customers to be understanding, offering insights into why Figured is so important to them.

Jessie feels most inspired after a successful day - when she’s got lots done, people were happy, there are no lingering issues. Then she gets home, folds the washing, makes dinner or whips up some bread, takes a few (a lot of) photos of her two cats and rewards herself with some time spent playing video games (fellow gamers, talk to her about Overwatch and World of Warcraft). The best days are finished off with homemade cheesecake - peanut butter flavour is her specialty.

She counts herself among one of the lucky ones - she loves going to work. “The CS team at Figured rules, we have a lot of great chats but still work together really well and get stuff done where it matters. I love going to work which is pretty uncommon I think.”