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New look, fresh feel, same Figured

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New look, fresh feel, same Figured
By Admin

Over the coming months, you’ll see a range of improvements in Figured which will make planning and managing farm budgets simpler and more powerful, to kick things off we are launching an improved navigation and user interface.

Your favourite Figured features are still present however you’ll notice they’ve moved to the left hand side of the screen. We’ve done this to create more screen space for working in your budget, and to enable new functionality which supports navigating between pages in the app.

With the navigation bar moved to the left hand side we have added a collapsible menu bar, so that you can easily click to the next page you need, without taking up valuable screen space which you need for working on your plan.

As we build more functionality and improve the user experience in Figured, the menu bar will become your best friend for navigating between versions of your budget, reports or even farms.

Keep an eye out for these changes which will be live in the product from this Wednesday, got questions? or have feedback for the team? We’d love to hear from you, just get in touch with the Figured Customer Success team via the green bubble.