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Product update: Cropping enhancements

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Product update: Cropping enhancements
By Admin

Our latest product release has a number of new features and enhancements available for our cropping and mixed farms on Figured.

Actual + forecasts view for crop season details

Just like the other production trackers on Figured, you now have an actuals + forecasts view for all your crop season details. This means you can clearly see what’s already happened - and what’s still to come.

“Actuals to...” selector in the cropping tracker

You’re now able to set your actuals + forecasts view in the cropping tracker to be set to a specific date using a calendar, or you can quickly switch to Today.

Convert forecasted harvests and sales into an actual

If you’ve built up your forecasted harvests and sales into your cropping tracker, you’ll now be prompted to convert these to an actual. You can either confirm or dismiss them - in either case, the forecasts will remain.

When confirming, you can update any of the values before it’s saved as an actual. This makes keeping on top of what’s happening on the farm just that little bit easier!

You’ve also gained the ability to create both an actual and a forecast at the same time, which is really useful if your profit date sits in the past and your cash is not yet received in the bank - meaning your actuals + forecasts report flows seamlessly.

Contract sales

If you’ve got an agreed upon contract for your crops, you can now add these in to your crop season detail and lock in the quantity along with the future price. Contracts can be loaded in in your Crop season detail > Sales and decreases.

Looking to find out more? Check out our help centre on the cropping tracker.