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Xerocon London 2018 - we'll see you there!

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Xerocon London 2018 - we'll see you there!
By Admin

After a fantastic launch in the UK, working alongside Xero, this year we’ve decided to feature as a Silver Exhibitor alongside some of the UK’s leading business tools. We’re looking forward to connecting with more of the people who are leading change for their farming clients, and to engage with what is going on in the industry outside our sector.

What's so great about Xerocon?

Having even been dubbed Coachella for accountants, Xerocon is the biggest party of the year for Xero partners of all sizes. If the recent Brisbane event is anything to go by, Xerocon London 2018 will be bigger than ever. The speakers are world class, Xero always has something new to talk about and the energy in the exhibitor hall is electric.

But that's just the line-up. The real reason to go to Xerocon is harder to describe. Xerocon brings the accounting industry together, as well as those from outside of it who share the vision of helping small business clients thrive. Coming to Xerocon puts you at the centre of that conversation which is empowering and exciting.

That's why we are there.

We believe that armed with the best technology, accountants and advisors can ensure that UK farmers don't just manage through an uncertain future, they can thrive in it, and take opportunities to improve their business.

With all the change that is coming to the farming sector in the next few years, accountants have an opportunity to lead their clients through it, whether it is Brexit, MTD, changes to subsidies or the growth of technology. The question accountants have to ask is “are we fit for the future?”

At Xerocon UK we will be joining a host of other great business platforms, as well as the UK's leading accountants to discuss what the future looks like for the accounting industry. It's a great opportunity to join that conversation and be part of a community of other accountants and advisors who are excited for what the future holds.

If you are planning to come, make sure you let us know, we’d love to catch up.