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Whether you’re dreaming of developing the latest saas products in a fully agile environment, or you’re looking for a place that offers career progression, autonomy and an opportunity to make a difference – you’ll find it at Figured.

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Who are we?

Our culture is second to none; we have people from all walks of life – from young farmers wanting to give back to the industry in a new way, to gadget junkies that geek-out about the latest tech and love the start-up challenge. We love building cool tech, working with like-minded individuals and bringing this vision to life.

We’re pumped about our great partnerships with Xero, ASB, BNZ and progressive accounting practices across NZ and Australia. And as winners of the Xero Emerging Partner of the Year (2015) and winner of the NZ Hi-Tech Start Up of the Year Awards 2016, it seems that others think we’re alright too.

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Make an impact

At Figured, you’ll be a part of a team that is improving business for one of the most substantial industries in New Zealand, Australia and the US. We are committed to changing the way the rural sector works together, collaboratively creating a more profitable future for our farmers.

It is a strong, promising and rewarding sector to be in – and we’re excited to be doing our part in bringing change to the industry.

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Life at Figured

We rock a flexible, social and fun work environment where celebrating success and rewarding performance is a part of every day, where challenging ideas is encouraged, where staff are empowered to drive their career progression, and where an excuse for cake is always welcomed.

We have the latest tech to help you do your job, and our modern office space encourages collaboration and open discussion in a work-hard-play-hard environment. You can leave the suit at home, as long as you bring the good banter, a sense of humour and a drive to get results.

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What makes us awesome

Our values are important to us, they aren’t slogans we smash out on our wall; they say a lot about how we behave, interact with others and make decisions. Let’s be honest here, you’re awesome, we’re awesome but to make sure our awesomeness is compatible, we need to sync up on these values:

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Give a damn

We give a damn about you and expect you to give a damn about yourself, your workmates and our customers and partners.

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Be really, really curious

Curious about the world we live in and the business we do, seek to understand our strategy and the problems faced by our customers and partners.

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Be authentic

By bringing your real self to work, you’re bringing work to life, we hired you because we rate you, so continue to be that person.

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Be coachable

We expect you to always want to be better at what you do and know that requires seeking out feedback, remaining open to new ideas, to seek advice when you’re struggling and to take ownership of your development and that of others.

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Set high standards

You don’t need a rulebook that tells you what’s right and wrong because you set high standards yourself and expect high standards from others.

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Results matter

You hold yourself and others accountable, results only come from owning them, we love the autonomy and freedom work provides and you use that to achieve great results.

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Don’t be a dick

We’re sure this one doesn’t need much explaining. You’re respectful, kind and thoughtful to your workmates, working environment, customers, partners and our brand; in a conflict you will find a constructive way to express yourself.

Current Positions

Senior/Lead PHP Developer – Laravel


Build a high-demand, fast growing SaaS product thatʼs truly disrupting the Ag financial market and making a huge difference to the industry. You will play with the latest stack and enjoy our cutting edge rapid/iterative development style.

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Digital Marketing Manager


Growth focused role, seeking someone with mad skills across digital platforms, content and product marketing. We promise career growth, ownership, flexibility and a whole heap of fun!!

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