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CAS for Agriculture with Figured and QuickBooks Online

Unlock this short 8-part video series to see how your firm can take advantage of the CAS opportunity available to you and your farm clients. 

Whether you’re looking to establish CAS, or build on the advisory services you already provide to agriculture clients, see practical steps on how you can achieve this at scale with Figured and QuickBooks Online.

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Unlock the full series:


Unlock the full series now


Unlock the full video series now

The series provides an introduction to Figured and QuickBooks Online and shares how the tools drive the delivery of all your agribusiness services at scale, from enhanced reporting to high-value CAS.

Hear from leaders at Intuit and Figured

Sarah Dobson

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Sarah Dobson
Executive GM, Stategic Partnerships


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James Higgie
Director of Growth, US/CA


Timothy Mangini
Strategic Partnership Manager

Leading accountants trust Figured to enhance reporting & scale CAS

It [Figured] means really good budgeting, planning, cash flow and break-even analysis, great reports including comparing actuals to variances. We get great insights and some light-bulb moments.

Being able to take advantage of technology and data is the best way that farmers can be progressive. Now this isn’t just a dream, it’s a reality. We have to use tools such as Figured.

With Figured, I'm able to work with our customers and show them in real-time what their year-end is going to be, which saves a tremendous amount of time.

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