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Driving the business of farming. Together

See how leading agri accountants, PrincipleFocus help their farming clients get a clear view of the finances to make sound business decisions using real-time data.

Using technology to make smarter, more informed decisions for the farm

By using Figured, PrincipleFocus can easily collaborate with their farmers, like Matthew and Cherie, on the same set of financial data to make proactive decisions that drive the growth of their business.

Step into the advisory opportunity


High-value advisory services

Figured empowers a connected approach with your farming clients. You’ll have better, more informed conversations focused on the future of your client’s operation.


Improved efficiency

With all of your client’s stock reconciliation, crop tracking and production forecasting in one place, budgeting is streamlined all in one place - creating efficiencies for you and your clients.

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Growth for your business

Figured consolidates the cash, tax, stock and crop data, meaning you’ll spend less time chasing clients and more time providing valuable services and building trust.


We’ve partnered with the best

Figured works with Xero, the number one online accounting software solution. We also have powerful integrations and partnerships with other leading agri tools; Agworld and AgriWebb.

Our mission is simple. To grow your advisory base in the next 12 months

Our agri advisory playbook is designed as a practical, step-by-step guide that tells you what it takes to successfully establish high-value client advisory services in your accounting practice. 

Because we know that while technology like Figured is a tool to make this change happen, people remain your biggest asset in moving your business forward to a more profitable future.


Grow your agri advisory services with Figured

Our agri-advisory playbook is designed as a practical, step-by-step guide that tells you what it takes to successfully establish high-value advisory services in your accounting practice. 

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Figured at a glance

Production tracking



Easily track farm production

Track livestock, feed, and cropping transactions in Figured and see them appear automatically in Xero.




Clarity on farm financial health

Use Figured to provide forecast cashflow, profit and loss, balance sheet and breakevens at any time.

Plan for farm future



Planning for the future

Quickly generate 5-10 year plans that reflect the financial impacts of strategic business decisions.

View Meaningful Reports



View meaningful reports

Powerful reports at your fingertips: forecast cash flow, profitability, statement of position and equity.

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