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Our Story

The business of farming has changed significantly in the last 20 years but the financial tools for farmers and accountants haven’t. We've done something about that.

Our global team is committed to changing the way the rural sector works together.

Figured is leading farm financial management software that is helping farming teams across New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States better manage the profitability of their operations.

We believe farmers, bankers, accountants and rural advisors should be working together, collaboratively planning for a farm's future using real-time financial information - so we've built a world-class solution, integrated with leading accounting software Xero and MYOB and partnered with forward-thinking global banks who believe that Figured is a game-changer for their farming customers.

With an incredible team that continues to grow, we are focused on the future and the continued development of a world-class tech solution for New Zealand, Australia, UK, the US - and beyond.

6 Countries

75+ Employees

500+ Partner Practices

30k+ Farms on Figured

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Figured was born out of a desire to farm smarter

Carl Mc Donald

From farmers, for farmers

Figured was founded by Carl McDonald and David Marshall - two farmers who were also accountants. They were frustrated by the lack of financial management tools on the market specifically for the farming sector and their unique set of requirements. They decided that entering data into various systems and relying on historical information for significant business decisions just wasn’t a smart way to work.

Backed by Kiwi farm investment company, MyFarm Ltd, they created Figured, a specialist farm financial management solution that works hand in hand with Xero and MYOB.

Frank Schwere D Marshall

Bringing the farming team together

Today, with great partnerships including Xero, MYOB, ASB, BNZ, CBA, Farm Credit Services America and progressive accounting practices, Figured has rapidly gained traction to improve the business of farming across New Zealand, Australia, the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland.

Despite its volatility, we know that agriculture is a strong, promising and rewarding sector to be in, and is critical to a country's wider economic success – so, we’re excited to be doing our part in bringing change to the industry.

NZ Hi Tech Start Up Company of the Year 2016

We are honoured to have been named as the 2016 New Zealand Hi Tech Start Up Company of the Year. To be recognised as a business that is contributing to the success of the New Zealand tech sector – and agri tech in particular – in the global marketplace is something we are very proud of.

Figured was also named Xero’s Asia-Pacific Industry-Specific App Partner of the Year 2016 and Emerging Add-on Partner of the Year 2014, and in 2017, we were named finalists for the NZ Hi Tech Emerging Company of the Year and Best Hi Tech Solution for Agritech.