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Check out the resources we’ve included below, or if there’s something else that you’d like our help with, get in touch with our team directly via the green bubble at the bottom of your screen (this is our messaging service and is the quickest and easiest way of getting in touch with us from here on the website or within the Figured app).

Get to know Figured

The Figured Online Help Centre is a comprehensive resource to help with troubleshooting or product up-skilling. It’s a good place to find answers to common questions, or direct your own clients to for guidance.

If you need some specific help from our Enablement team, send us a message.

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Sign up for online training

A live Figured training webinar with one of our Enablement Specialists is held every fortnight. These sessions take around 30 minutes, and provide you with the opportunity to learn more about the features of Figured and to chat to our team about any questions you might have.

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Perfect your product pitch

Understand the benefits of using Figured and what these mean for your customers. We've put together this helpful cheat-sheet to keep at hand which covers off all the key messages your client will likely want to know about.

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Get the word out

We recommend creating a landing page on your website to promote your services as an advisor and further position yourself as an agri-accounting specialist. We’ve put together some suggested content to help you create this page. If you need a bit more guidance, just let us know.

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Share real-world examples

Our website features a series of case studies where you can take a look at stories from farmers who are already experiencing the benefits of farming with Figured.

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Offline marketing collateral

Have an event coming up? Don’t let your leads walk away empty handed. We’re happy to supply hard copy marketing collateral for you to hand out to potential customers. Contact us with your requirements.

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Marketing support

We’re here to help you get the most out of promoting your partnership with Figured. If you’ve got any questions about attending events, subsidised marketing support or collateral requests, get in touch with us directly.

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Digital brochures

We do have electronic copies of brochures in PDF format to print or forward to customers - please contact us to receive the latest version of this.

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